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Love Lotion Bar (2.5oz)
Love Lotion Bar (2.5oz)
Love and Leche

Love Lotion Bar (2.5oz)

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Happy February! “the Month of Love”

This month is about sharing sentiments of appreciation and admiration for those that have impact on our lives, be it friends, family, and relationships of all levels. It is about self-love, self-care, and inner peace; taking daily moments to be present, grateful and happy with ourselves is necessary for our personal wellbeing.

This is what our “Love Lotion Bar” truly encompasses. It embodies a moment to share love with those that matter. It represents a moment in your day to pause, be present with yourself, and breathe. It creates an everyday luxury to take on the true meaning of “month of Love".


Our carefully curated formula is best suited to soothe rough hands and feet, chapped lips, painful split fingers and more.

With use, your body temperature will melt and soften the oils and beeswax, allowing your skin to be replenished and deeply moisturized.

Because our products are 100% All Natural they will take a little extra love and care to soften for use - as you use your lotion bar and lip balm more often, the softer it will get over time. :)

Ingredients: Pure Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil infused with Certified Organic Calendula Flowers, Essential Oils

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